Rollers and Gua Sha

Our set comes with a roller in Rose Quartz crystal or Jade Green, a Gua Sha and 4 instructional cards. 

Crystal Rollers and Gua Sha


What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese self care technique which is used to unblock meridian lines, the channels in your body through which the energy flows. 

One of the four instruction cards in this gift sets provides a facial diagram of directional use of the roller and gua sha to enhance and energetic channels. 


Vibrant Facial Skin Tone

Maximise your skincare routine by incorporating the jade roller and Gua Sha to massage your skin. 

This beautiful Rose Quartz roller acts as a workout for your face, massaging the underlying muscles to boost circulation and release tension.

Good for you, good for the planet. Naturally boosting collagen and blood circulation will reduce your reliance on cosmetics. 


Youthful, Glowing and Firm Facial Muscle Tone

The benefits of regular rolling and facial gua sha are plentiful. 

This mindful beauty practice is relaxing and meditative resulting in improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to give youthful glow to facial muscle tones. 

Good for the planet : Less Cosmetics, Less Damage

Jade Green or Rose Quartz?


Green Jade was favoured by Ancient Royalty because of its natural  beauty enhancing properties. Relying on your own bodies own rejuvenating ability you will reduce the need fro creams and foundations and the packing that goes with cosmetic products.

In recent times Rose Quartz has grown in popularity for its loving and healing properties. Why choose, buy both as each will give a different vibrancy. 

Facial Yoga Instructions


Enhance your beauty regime by a daily facial yoga exercise. 

One of the four helpful instruction cards give a simple facial yoga exercise.  The exercise takes less than a minute and oxygenates and rejuvenates facial muscle and skin tone.

Cleansing your crystals to maintain vibrancy


Crystals are a live energy and needsto be cleanses and released of any absorption of negative or dull energy. 

One of our four helpful instructions cards explains the simple and easy step you can take to cleanse your crystal tools to maintain highest vibrancy.